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THANN Sanctuary Spa was designed to arouse all your feelings. The interior abounds in warm grey colour, rich natural structure and specially designed soothing light. The special details of handicraft interior syntonise you with calm, relaxation and pacification, hiding from the vanity of daily life.

Press about THANN SPA

THANN Sanctuary Spa as famous world spa salon and manufacturer of caring cosmetics collaborates with a lot of publications devoted to beauty, fashion and health of modern people. Many magazines pleased to publish announcements and offers product lines and services THANN our spa.


All our cosmetic products contain high-quality natural ingredients carefully selected from all over the world. A mixture of rice bran oil, rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, rated especially highly for its counteraction to free radicals, and vegetable essential oils make a synergetic therapeutic effect. Absolutely natural ingredients: no artificial colouring agents, aromatic chemicals or alcohol.

Your safety with THANN Spa

Your personal state of health and safety make our most important objective. All tools are sterilised in between the procedures. Our sheets and towels are immediately replaced and sent to the wash after each procedure. (on safety)

Your personal space in the Sanctuary Spa

In THANN Spa, we fully respect your personal space. THANN SPA guarantees security of your personal information. Our therapists have been trained not to disclose any personal information that you could exchange during a procedure. We appreciate your trust and do everything to keep it. (on privacy)

Spa comfort and delight

Our therapists are fully trained and apply all their skills to make any THANN procedure efficient and unforgettable. Communication with the therapist carrying out the procedure is very important. THANN Sanctuary Spa understands that there are no two identical people; therefore, all aspects accompanying the procedure can be adjusted to you, including light exposure, music and room temperature. Discuss the procedure type and any questions that you may have. If you happen to feel discomfort during a spa procedure, do not hesitate to tell the masseur about it. For example, if you prefer green tea with vanilla more than with camomile or jasmine, please let us know. If you want the therapist to make massage more or less intensive, please tell him/her about that. THANN Spa pays much attention to individuality as it stipulates your comfort and pleasure, which is very important for us.

Register for the procedure

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